Friday, May 18, 2007

Recruiters Suck!

I have had the extreme displeasure of dealing with recruiters in the past. Frankly, they all seem to be just after a resume submission than really getting you a job.

My sister is currently in the mix seeking new employment and has to deal with these maroons, since outsourcing HR departments is the way of the corporate world these days.

It really is a shame that these recruiters are not set to any ethical standards, they take a shotgun approach to finding qualified candidates without completely reviewing your resume and are clueless as to whether or not you are the right candidate.

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Recruiters Suck!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely agreee with this posting! I can relate to the blasts received from recruiters for jobs that are out of state or for pennies.

What I just love is the phone call asking you a million questions and then never hearing from the recruiter again. No feedback, no explaination, nada.