Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mobile Sync Center Vista

My Vista laptop has been in production now for 2 weeks and I decided it is time to "sync" my old Treo 700w with it.

Of course I want a new phone that may play nicely with Vista, but here are the steps I took to get some sort of sync with my Treo. (Make sure your Treo is tethered by the USB cable)

1. (you have to do the "validate" drill)

2. Right click on the saved drvupdate-x86.exe and Run as Administrator.

3. Accept the license.

Now you are at the Setup Device interface and you can select the items to sync. (I recommend that you uncheck "Contacts" because that will completely hose all Contacts, hours and hours of fun)

Next, next and you are DONE.

Infrared and Bluetooth with a 3 year old phone and Vista...well that is never going to happen. Read a book or watch an old movie instead. All we get is USB for our throw away phones and that has to work for now.

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