Saturday, October 18, 2008

iGoogle Isn't The Way I Want To Google!

Like the new iGoogle Home Page much? No, neither do I. It would be one thing if we had a choice to go to this new format and it would be another thing if we could customize it the way we want. I guess I really shouldn't complain because we aren't bombarded with crap advertisements and flashy little nuisances like My MSN Page.

However, a few tips for you:

1.  Click on Edit Tab and uncheck - "Show a short description for each feed article". There, that's better already.

2. There is a greasemonkey script that will allow you to collapse the annoying sidebar by clicking on an arrow. You first need to install for Firefox and once you restart Firefox, click here to run the "".

Thanks go to Lifehacker for the tip! ...

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