Sunday, November 23, 2008

Known Issue Causing WORD 2007 To Crash When Closing - It's Your HP Printer Driver

Temporary Workaround Available

There is a known issue with some Hewlett-Packard printer drivers, which causes Microsoft Office 2007 programs to close unexpectedly when your HP printer is set as the default printer. Hewlett-Packard is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.

A driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or devices. Without drivers, the hardware you connect to your computer (for example, a video card or a webcam) will not work properly.


Until a permanent solution is available, you can prevent this error from occurring again by temporarily changing your default printer settings. Here's how to do this:

Open Printers Folder:

Identify the default printer (the HP printer with a check mark in its icon).

Right-click any other non-HP printer listed and click Set as default printer.

If no other printers are listed, click Add a printer and follow the steps in the Add Printer wizard to set up a non-HP printer as the default printer on your computer.

Close the Printers window.

Open the Microsoft Office 2007 program you were using when the problem occurred and check to see if the problem has gone away. If it has not, then repeat the previous steps, making sure that a non-HP printer is selected as the default printer.

Try printing to your HP printer.

Until a solution to this problem is available, printing to your HP printer will require that you specify the printer each time you start a print job. The method for doing this will vary by program. Here are three common ways to do this:

Within the program, click File, click Print, and then select your HP printer.

Within the program, click Print, click Preferences, and then select your HP printer.

Within the program, click File, click Print, click Page Setup, click Printers, and then select your HP printer.


gandolph said...

Set this fix and WORD 2007 worked perfectly. Then mysteriously, the HP printer reset itself as the default printer. I noticed it because WORD began to crash again.

Denise said...

THANK YOU!! This error has been driving me crazy. It worked like a dream.