Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turn Off AutoArchive - Outlook 2007

I thought by turning off autoarchive in the options menu for Outlook 2007 that it would do exactly what it was suppose to do: Turns off autoarchive for all folders, including individual folders.

But then when I noticed that my deleted/sent folders were clearing themselves out mysteriously, I knew that it wasn't working the way it always worked in Outlook 2003.

There is one more step you need to do to preserve all your Outlook data and not have it go to the autoarchive black hole.

1. On the Go menu, click Folder List, right-click the folder you want stop the AutoArchive feature and then click on Properties.

2. Click the AutoArchive tab.

3. Select the Do not archive items in this folder option.

For more information such as canceling autoarchive, ...

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