Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bauer's Tip - Error Message "0x80071A91" Fix

Bauer shares his tip on fixing an error message when you try to install a Windows update, a hotfix, or a service pack after you perform System Restore in Windows Vista: "0x80071A91"

"I just encountered this and I am adding it to my knowledge bonnet. I thought you might like your bonnet a little fuller also. The user has been having windows updates failing for months and didn't notice for a while and ignored it for the rest of the time. Windows updates installed fine then asked for a reboot. After the reboot it tries to finish the update, fails and rolls back the updates. If you aren't watching you miss the message about the roll back and just think you have more updates unless you check the update log and see the failures. This worked perfect first try". ...

Thanks Batman!

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