Friday, May 22, 2009

How to Buy a Netbook

Netbooks are cool! Netbooks are inexpensive, lightweight and just perfect for surfing and checking your email.

PCWorld put out this diddy on "How to Buy a Netbook", which gives you good information as to what to look for.

The only thing I need to note is that out of the "Top 10 Netbooks" I'll give Asus the top spot because that's all they do is netbooks; so you figure they got that right. However, Samsung makes "cheap everything" so ranking their netbook #2, is highly doubtful. Acer listed in at #3, and my Lenovo S10 rated #4. (Please note I paid $100 less than what they listed as the sell price of $449 for a Lenovo)

I still !~ ...

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