Monday, June 08, 2009

Creating, Saving, Sharing Themes in Windows 7

windows7blogbackgroundYea, I know, it’s a wee bit early to start posting on how to customize your Windows 7 PC. So, when you do get that new PC, come on back to the blog and search “Windows 7”. I’m sure I’ll have some tips, tricks and customization that you’ll want to know about.

Like this article about creating, saving and sharing your own personal themes. (A theme is a coordinated set of Desktop Backgrounds, Window Colors and Sounds)

After saving your personalization settings for your own use, you might want to share these settings with friends and family or bring the settings to another PC. Windows 7 allows you to share your themes by right-clicking on your current theme and selecting “Save theme for sharing”. After specifying a name and folder destination for your theme, Windows will collect all of your custom desktop background images, sounds, mouse pointers and icons into the new .themepack file format that can be applied on another computer running Windows 7.

How cool is that? Vacation themes, Special Geeky themes, Holiday themes. I really like that Bonus Feature in Windows 7.

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