Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7, Oh No You Di'int!

Today is the release of to the world. Oh boy! As you know, I said I would migrate off Vista and yes, I am. You should know there will be issues, I assure you, you will have issues.

Let's just review my first issue. My Officejet L7580 (which is about 2 years old) doesn't have a driver that works on Windows 7. Sure, allegedly its "plug and play" but I have been running BETA Windows 7 since the get go and the printer just doesn't work on it.

Here's :

A full feature software and driver package for Windows 7 is currently not available for your product. However, a full feature download will be available for your product in late January 2010 . Until then, the Windows 7 operating system installed on your computer contains a basic driver solution for your product.

Yea, ummmm....that's not helping.

So, I decided to run the , just for hoots and hollers. Keep in mind I did hoops to get Vista to run on this Thinkpad T60p last year. Seems Lenovo utilities have some issues, and I'll need to upgrade ZoneAlarm, Lenovo's Power Manager, ATI Catalyst Install Manager and the BIOS on this box.  No, you just don't stick in the Windows 7 DVD and run it, it's never that easy.

Even though it will be hours of "fun", it is worth it in the long run, because Vista sucks!

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