Monday, May 10, 2010

Virtual Land

On April 15, four Second Life property owners filed a class-action suit against Linden Lab, the online world's creator, alleging the company misled players into thinking they owned their virtual lands. People pay real dollars to Linden Lab for access to virtual land.

The complaint says Second Life tried to lure people into the virtual world by promising it would be a unique place where residents actually owned their property. Then the virtual world unfairly changed its rules, the suit says. Linden Lab's rules now say the land is a service the company controls and can cancel.

Plaintiffs seek at least $5 million in damages. Read on...

Time to toss your computers out the window and go take a walk, ride a bike, fly a kite!

Seriously people! (of course you all who live in the virtual world with tainted and immature social skills may disagree)

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ja said...

I believe they have a "real world" solution for's called Mental Institutions!