Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scan Websites for Malware

Once in awhile I need to find an answer or tool and start clicking recklessly on search results. Yes, I should know better and my anti-virus typically warns me.

Now I can be super safe by allowing to check the website first for malicious software. It only takes a few seconds to run the scan. Read on...

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is a hazard that sometimes we need to look at sketchy sites to find something we need. When I know I need to search for old versions of software, key crackers for that file no one knows the password to or whatever, I use Sandboxie. I run my web browser in Sandboxie and have that sandbox set to delete all its files when I close my browser. Even if I get something it gets deleted when I close. I also use it to test install software that I don't want permanent. Also noscript for firefox stops most of that as no scripts are running.